What you need in poker

Some say that to play poker, you have to have the guts, the mental capacity, and lots of luck. But I say to play poker, you will need first and foremost cards, poker chips, poker tables, lammers, cut cards and card protectors. Literally, these are the basics that you need to play poker.

Cards – cards are the most essential of all. Poker is a card game so it would be impossible to play poker without cards. There are 52 cards in a dexk, thirteen kinds, four cards to each kind. There are different types of cards, but the caasinos use the standard type. They change the deck evry few hours of play.Cards would last longer if taken care of properly. There is a right way of shuffling and dealing the cards. It would also be wise to advise the poker players to refrain from folding the cards.

Poker Chips – these are rounded objects used in poker to replace money for betting. In house games, money will do. Poker chips are more convenient in poker than money itself because they are easier to add for they are color coordinated. Bills also have the tendency to fly from the table. Poker chips are used in casinos, and they lessen the chances of theft because you transact business at the counter, and you do not have to take money out at the poker table.

Poker Table – For house games, any table will do just fine. But in casinos, poker tables are large enough to seat 10 or more poker players. The top of the table is made of felt, so that the cards would not slide easily. The top’s softness also prevents the cards from scratching.

Lammers – they are buttons that represent the dealer role in Texas Hold’em poker. The dealer button is important in marking who is the dealer, because in that way, you will also know who shoul post the big blind and the small blind.

Cut Card – house poker games can do without cut cards, but in casinos, they are used for preventing the bottom card to be revealed. The cut card is placed at the bottom of the deck so that nobody would see the bottom card and prevent them from having clues for the game.

Card Protectors – these are the things you put on top of your cards to prevent them from flipping over. In house games, you could use almost anything as card protector, even your remote control.

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