Different Types of Internet Gambling License

For most interested parties willing to apply for a gambling license it is noteworthy to have a better understanding how gambling licenses are issued and the different types of gambling licenses that one can apply for.

The gambling commission is responsible for regulating commercial gambling establishments and mainly issues two different kinds of gambling license applicable to land and Internet based gambling operators. These two gambling licenses can be operating and personal licenses. While these types of licenses are exclusively issued by the Gambling Commission, another type called premise license is issued only by the local authorities.

What is the difference between the operating and personal licenses? The operating license is usually issued for unlimited period to interested parties who provide gambling facilities. The gambling operator needs to pay however an annual fee for the license. Furthermore the Gambling Commission will conduct license review, does have the power to amend conditions pertaining to their issued license and can revoke a license.

Internet gambling participants to the industry which include gambling software manufacturer and providers, suppliers and gambling facility operators, those involved with the repair and installation of gambling machines are all covered within the operating license.

Specific examples of participating entities to the Internet and land based gambling industry are casino operators, machine operators that supply facilities related to bingo, pool betting and the like, manufacturers, repair service providers to gambling machines including software manufacturers and providers.

Personal Management License is issued to individuals who perform responsibilities with influencing factor to gambling outcome or related to the gambling operations such as financial transactions related to gambling. Specific functions of a gambling establishment’s personnel that are issued with personal license are those functions that have an influence on the overall operation of the gambling establishment, relating to financial management, compliance to imposed regulations, marketing programs, commercial promotions and IT gambling related security.

The personal management license’s issuance is more directed to managerial functions such as executives, directors and officers whose functions are related to financial, over all operation, commercial development, IT, marketing and other responsibilities overlooking the general operation of the gambling institution.

Another form of personal license specifically issued to personnel whose functions are directly related to the gaming operations such as receiving and paying of money during a game and those that has the function to influence a game outcome is called personal functional license.

The personal functional license is issued to gambling establishment’s cashiers, croupier, pit boss, gambling supervisors, surveillance and security authorities.

Every gambling license is specifically issued for a direct purpose which enhances the efficiency of services and functional responsibilities of individuals engaged with the gambling operation.

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