What you need in poker

Some say that to play poker, you have to have the guts, the mental capacity, and lots of luck. But I say to play poker, you will need first and foremost cards, poker chips, poker tables, lammers, cut cards and card protectors. Literally, these are the basics that you need to play poker.

Cards – cards are the most essential of all. Poker is a card game so it would be impossible to play poker without cards. There are 52 cards in a dexk, thirteen kinds, four cards to each kind. There are different types of cards, but the caasinos use the standard type. They change the deck evry few hours of play.Cards would last longer if taken care of properly. There is a right way of shuffling and dealing the cards. It would also be wise to advise the poker players to refrain from folding the cards.

Poker Chips – these are rounded objects used in poker to replace money for betting. In house games, money will do. Poker chips are more convenient in poker than money itself because they are easier to add for they are color coordinated. Bills also have the tendency to fly from the table. Poker chips are used in casinos, and they lessen the chances of theft because you transact business at the counter, and you do not have to take money out at the poker table.

Poker Table – For house games, any table will do just fine. But in casinos, poker tables are large enough to seat 10 or more poker players. The top of the table is made of felt, so that the cards would not slide easily. The top’s softness also prevents the cards from scratching.

Lammers – they are buttons that represent the dealer role in Texas Hold’em poker. The dealer button is important in marking who is the dealer, because in that way, you will also know who shoul post the big blind and the small blind.

Cut Card – house poker games can do without cut cards, but in casinos, they are used for preventing the bottom card to be revealed. The cut card is placed at the bottom of the deck so that nobody would see the bottom card and prevent them from having clues for the game.

Card Protectors – these are the things you put on top of your cards to prevent them from flipping over. In house games, you could use almost anything as card protector, even your remote control.

Five Factors that Affect Poker Decisions

In Texas Hold’em, there will be four rounds of betting. For each round, the poker player will have to decide about which action he will take. Would he check, bet, call, raise, or fold? In deciding which action to take, there are five factors that must be considered. These are the cards, the position at the table, the number of players, the pot odds, and the playing styles of the opponents. Here is how each of these factors should affect one’s decision.
The Cards

According to statistics, a poker player gets good cards about 10% of the time. But this does not tell when one will have the good cards. This gives the first challenge in poker. Yet, there is a way around this too few times of getting good cards. That is, the poker player need not be holding the strongest hand or the nuts. But, at showdown, his hand must be the best. After all, when the poker player places a bet, he wagers his money that he has the highest hand. If the player is still new at poker, the basic rule is this: bet aggressively when the cards are strong. Otherwise, fold.

The Position

In Texas Hold’em, the positions of the players are fixed. That is, the blind will always stay as the blind throughout the hand. Such an aspect of this poker variant affects how a poker player should play. This is because the poker player at the early position, which is one or two seats after the blind, will have little information on which to base his decision. He will not have a clue as to how much the pot size will eventually be. And the poker player at the early position cannot also predict how many players will decide to stay. Thus, a poker player will do well if he sticks to this standard technique: play only the stronger cards. With cards that need improvement, the poker player must fold.

The Number of Players

Texas Hold’em can accommodate many players, but the usual maximum number of players found in casinos is 10. With this many players, there will be rounds that everyone will remain, and there will be rounds when only two or three will stay. The large disparity of these two rounds will affect the winning potential of one’s cards. This means that the number of players that opted to stay will decide whether a certain hand will be playable or not. With one or two opponents, a poker player’s best chances lie on high pairs. But with more than six opponents, drawing hands that will form flushes or straights will most likely win.

The Pot Odds

The pot odds are determined when one compares the amount that a poker player should bet and the amount in the pot that can be won. In deciding if the pot odds are good, one must borrow the point of view of the businessman. That is, the bet will be the investment and the amount in the pot will be the potential profits. If the amount of the bet is small and the amount in the pot is large, then the pot odds are good. If the amount of the bet is large and the amount in the pot is also large, the odds are risky, but with strong hands, a poker player may go ahead. But if the amount of the bet is large and the pot money is small (twice or barely higher than the bet), the pot odds are not good.

The Playing Styles of Opponents

The playing styles of the opponents will determine the kind of poker game that one has joined. With loose players, one will be getting large pots. The opposite happens with tight players. A poker player must determine the kind of opponents that he is up against and he must play accordingly.

The above five factors may not have equal weights when determining one’s decision during the betting rounds. What the poker player needs to learn is to identify when a certain factor will have the greatest influence.

Qualifying for the Rio Poker Fest 2008 – How they work

The Rio Poker Fest is the largest annual Brazilian poker tournament . This tournament is very popular among online poker sites thanks to the thrill of a tournament combined with a vacation package in Rio de Janeiro.

There have been many online poker rooms that have offered qualifying packages for the Rio Poker Fest, which was held in March this year. Most online poker places have offered qualifying tournaments a couple of times a week, usually with different entry fees and the best players in each tournament received an expensive trip to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and of course a paid seat for the tournament! ( Online poker sites usually like to send a couple of players from their site because if they win, it’s a big advertisement for their site.)

This past Rio Poker Fest had a sweet $ 250,000 ticket attached! It was not the millions of WSOPs, but a play in a live tournament that is not played in front of a computer screen is not only fun, but it is also a way for the player to show his professionalism and to gain not only exposure , but experience, which is even more important.

A professional poker player will usually try to get into a good amount of games at his favorite online poker site every day, but besides that, he will make sure to attend a couple of real casinos every couple of weeks to make sure his skills offline are still great. Many players pass the transition offline / online quite well, but practice and experience are what matters in poker.

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Variations of Internet Gambling License

In order to promote a legitimate and legal online gambling business on the Internet, most online gambling operators take the initiative to secure license to legally operate a gambling business on the Internet. The need for a license to operate is empirical to online gambling operators since it determines one’s business operation to be legal.

There has been a great controversy concerning the issuance of Internet gambling license from country to country. The variation on licenses to operate a gambling business on the Internet can be traced to legality issues that continue to haunt the online gambling industry. Each country observes its own rules on issuing license peculiar from others. The procedure also varies based from each country’s law making body policies.

The procedure policies on license issuance of one country may have demanding requirements that subjects online gambling operator applicants for thorough investigative procedures. While the licensing procedure can be difficult and complicated from one country, other countries exercise laxity on the issuance procedure of their online gambling license. These countries usually require only an application fee for the license to operate an Internet gambling business. Simple requirements only demand that an online gambling owner have sound financial funds with a methodical and prompt payment to their winning players.

Furthermore, they also require gambling operators to conduct a business operation on the Internet in accordance to their responsibility as tax payers and meet their social commitments through legal operation of their Internet gambling business. The concept of providing legal way of operating an online gambling business is to eradicate crimes and underground operations through licensing. The government where laws are imposed that deem online gambling legal within their jurisdiction intensifies their advocacy to legalize gambling through the issuance of license.

Within this thrust of the government towards legalizing online gambling establishment’s operation on the Internet, it raises the public trust of the online gambling population and improves the quality of standards and behavioral conducts that online gambling operators need to uphold and observe to keep their license from becoming revoked and considered null and void.

There are quite several differences as to the requirements imposed to applicants for a license to operate within a specific jurisdiction. However, it is all geared towards legalizing the online gambling operations in order to promote a legal online gambling industry that serves to protect its image and the online gamblers through licensing. The goal of legalizing online gambling is attainable when all Internet gambling operators are licensed to operate.

Licensing Bodies for Internet Gambling Operators

Operating in a self regulated industry, online gambling operators seek to find ways of regulating their own business to conduct a more legitimate and legal business operation regardless of the jurisdiction where their Internet gambling business office operates.

All the online gambling industry participants that cover online casinos, online gambling portals, sportsbooks and many other online gambling businesses on the Internet have taken advanced steps towards self regulation. This step encouraged the formation of numerous independent regulating organizations that mandate all online gambling operators who operate business on the Internet to secure a license within the jurisdiction where their Internet gambling business operates.

With proper governance from independent regulating and licensing bodies, the online gambling industry has been provided with a secured and credible source that monitors the quality services provided by online gambling operators to all gambling operating participants on the Internet. These governing organizations create their own regulating policies and licensing requirements that entail force compliance among its license applicants for their online gambling business.

Some of the well-known and prestigious regulating bodies that issue certification or license to Internet gambling operators are the Interactive Gaming Council and eCOGRA. Being a non-profit organization, the Interactive Gaming Council operates within the regulations and statute of Canada with a mission geared towards promoting a global interactive industry for Internet gambling. It has a set policies and uniformed code of conduct that should be observed by its members.

The eCOGRA is another independent organization where the core of their services is directed towards providing consumer protection. Its main objective is to ensure that Internet gambling operators will observe an honest operating procedure such as providing its online players a random and fair game including prompt payments to all its winners. It keeps an eye to gambling operator’s financial management whether all winners are compensated with their prizes in a timely manner.

The Alderney Gambling Control Commission is engaged with a dialogue among other regulating international organizations related to online gambling. They closely work with other regulating agencies to prevent the occurrence of crime. The Antigua & Barbuda Commission, whose services are directed in regulating offshore gambling, deals with collecting information and analysis of the gaming software used to ensure fairness of online games provided to online gamblers as part of their technical services. They also entertain complaints concerning their licensees and is in authority for the revocation of online gambling license from gambling operators.

The Kahnawake Gaming Commission is another regulating entity that allows offshore gambling agencies to use their gambling license as per compliance with their regulations and policies. There are many other gambling commissions that issue gambling license to operate on the Internet with the same objectives of regulating the online gambling industry.

Because the dire need to improve the online gambling industry is realized by Internet gambling operators, the formation of licensing bodies that will impose the highest quality of standards to all online gambling operators gives the industry the opportunity to generate more income because of the appealing value of operating a licensed business attract more online gamblers to patronize the Internet gambling industry.

Legality Aspect of Internet Gambling License

Perhaps one of the major concerns of an online gambler in every instance that they are gambling on the Internet is whether they are playing legally or not. The legality of Internet gambling basically varies from every country. The United States in particular are ardent on its campaign against online gambling which is highly influenced by the occurrence of crimes that can take place using online gambling as a front such the case of money laundering.

Other countries on the other hand have more lenient policies concerning Internet gambling. In order to counteract illegal and underground activities from taking place with Internet gambling, the local government from countries where online gambling is allowed has imposed regulating and licensing policies that has to be met by Internet gambling operators.

The principle behind the issuance of gambling license to Internet gambling operators is to present a controlling force on the operation of Internet gambling sites to protect the public interests especially that of the Internet gambling community. It can present a more trustworthy online gambling site that assures security and safety of transactions made by every online gambler.

The issuance of license to online gambling operators makes their business operation legal. It is also a means of making them aware of the needed modification on their services upon inspections on the quality of their services. Because they are subject to scrutiny of the issuing license agency, it can impose standards that online gambling operators have to meet in order to avoid the revocation of their license to legally operate their business on the Internet.

Playing in a licensed online gambling site is also to an Internet gambler’s advantage as they have the assurance that they get quality services from the site where they are gambling and that they can have the confidence that they are playing with an honest Internet gambling operator.

Although an online gambler cannot be restrained by the local authorities to participate in wagering to offshore online casino sites, the Internet gambling operators should continue to guard their license by ensuring that legitimate financial transactions are taking place on their establishment.

To be able to operate a legitimate online gambling business, every gambling operator on the Internet should apply for a license. Securing a license not only provides protection to Internet gamblers but also gives leeway to an online gambling establishment to operate legally and legitimately. With this premise licensed Internet gambling operators presents their business through legal means. It also creates a positive impression to their gambling business on the Internet as legal, professional, credible and trustworthy.

Internet Gambling License from Foreign Countries

The value for securing an offshore Internet gambling license gives credit to the Internet gambling operators whose business is presented with an image of being credible and legitimate. The provisions of offshore gambling license is to strengthen the legitimacy of running an offshore Internet gambling business with a regulated policy to assure legal and safe Internet gambling activities to take place.

In order to merit a gambling license to operate on the Internet the license applicant needs to exhaust efforts to convince the licensing body that their Internet gambling operating system is trustworthy and with quality services. The burden of proving that they can cater to all Internet gamblers with efficient and prompt services shall be established to convince that their Internet gambling business operation is sincere and dedicated to uphold the image of regulated and licensed offshore gambling business entities.

Nevada and New Jersey are known for strict investigations implemented within their jurisdiction prior to release of a license to operate within their state. A thorough procedure is diligently undertaken in the conduct of investigation and carrying out an independent test concerning the accuracy of the claim of a license gambling applicant.

Regarding the financing of the investigation process, the gambling license applicant shoulders all costs and expenses incurred throughout the investigative procedures. Included within the costs of investigation expenses are the cost for public hearings and the legal fees in connection with the legality aspects of the procedure throughout the process.

Applying for an operator’s gambling license in other countries is highly costly. Exclusive of the annual fee are the charges imposed per number of gambling machines used and the quarterly charge for per table or machines. Paying taxes is also one of the financial obligations that an operator gambling license applicant should meet which is also expensive.

The business operations of offshore gambling operators commenced when legality issues within the United States has been raised and with no certain clear cut policies on the legality of Internet gambling operations. Offshore gambling operators felt the need to abandon their business centers within states where there is unclear policy against Internet gambling and move over to ones where Internet gambling is legal through the issuance of local gambling license to operate within a jurisdiction.

The application of Internet license to operate in foreign countries can be very costly to license applicants. They need to allot funds for this purpose which should include the license fee, legal fees and taxes. But in due time when license has been granted to an Internet gambling operator license applicants, they can reap the prospect of a promising Internet business where sure money continually flow.

eCOGRA Seal for Credible Online Gambling Industry

Because of the efforts of the Internet gambling operators to acknowledge the need for regulating their industry to regain the online gambling player’s trust, more gamblers are continuing to patronize gambling sites on the Internet.

One of the most prestigious licensing and regulating body on the Internet gambling industry is the eCOGRA. The eCOGRA seal is a valuable asset among online gambling operators because its seal represents a credible, trustworthy and reliable Internet gambling business which most online gamblers always look for when choosing the Internet site to gamble.

Bearing the eCOGRA seal by an online gambling site gives Internet gamblers better assurance that efficient and reliable services are delivered to them. The eCOGRA seal system awards an Internet operating gambling establishment the quality mark and safety for online gamblers to play at. All interested eCOGRA applicants are subjected to a thorough, precise and strict manner of highly implemented standards which are set by professional and experts on the Internet gambling industry.

To be able to get the prestigious eCOGRA seal to become a licensed gambling operator on the Internet an online gambling site is subjected to inspection, implementation of eCOGRA standards and compliance of the set policies by the organization. At irregular intervals the eCOGRA seal holder Internet gambling establishments are inspected to monitor compliance to the eCOGRA policies. With a negative outcome of assessment for an eCOGRA license holder, the certification issued to them will be immediately revoked.

Online gamblers are now given the widest freedom to choose an online gambling establishment to gamble without the fear of becoming victims of fraud. With the seal of eCOGRA displayed on an Internet gambling site, an online gambler’s predicaments to play online is immediately resolved knowing that the seal is an assurance that their prospect online gambling site have passed quality standards and assessment by eCOGRA.

The responsibilities and duties of eCOGRA does not end upon the issuance of license for online gambling operators. Their service is extended throughout the end by a continuous inspection to their licensees to ensure that they are diligently following the standards and regulating policies of the body.

The gaming software of online gambling operators is also within the eye of the eCOGRA inspection and compliance personnel. They make sure that the online games are fair and random to provide players a fair game to play. Better confidence is felt by online gamblers upon seeing the seal of safe Internet gambling and credible industry where they are already a part of.